Pipsqueak Consist


The Pipsqueak is a Bachmann 0-4-0 Siderod Davenport Gas Mechanical engine bashed using a Backwoods Miniatures kit that converts it into a 0-4-0 Vertical Boiler engine.  The Bachmann switcher starts out looking like this.

71033_RAs I write this page, the Davenport is in my hands as well the Backwoods Miniatures conversion parts.  When complete this engine may see service on two different layouts.  On the PC&N it is likely to serve as a yard engine at a lumber mill or as a shuttle engine in the mines.  It may also see service on the Holiday layout during seasons in which the Holiday Streetcar is inappropriate.

I also picked up a three car set from Backwoods Miniatures.  The first is a first class coach.  I’m not crazy about the Victorian gingerbread so this car will be kit bashed into something else.  xselectacar12

The second is a second class coach.  Same issue, same decision.


The third is the gondola (middle car on this shot).  It will need a load.


I couldn’t resist the Wiseman blacksmith’s car.  It is on order.  There are a few things I can do to make it my own.


As long as I was sending an order to Wiseman, I thought I’d add their tank car.


Because my version of the PipSqueak is going to need sound, I need somewhere to tuck the speaker and board.  This Backwoods Miniatures tender doesn’t completely fit with the wood PipSqueak.  But I’ll bet I can bash it into one that fits especially with some of the parts that will free up from the coaches.  It is also on order.

Glue bulkhead to roof

This consist should have a lot of visual interest coming down the rails.  One or more of these kits will be used to meet the ‘2014 On30 Challenge’ at Railroad-Line.com.

I’ll accumulate a series of posts right below that will represent the builders log for the project of assembling and detailing this consist.

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