PC&N Track Plan

PCN Layout 7

This model railroad will be made up of a series of scenes.  The above image is a map of the lower level of the layout.  The layout is spread across three physical rooms in the man cave portion of our basement.  The layout runs along a concrete wall on the left and top.  The walls indicated on the plan are framed walls.  Benchwork will for the most part be 24″ wide.  It will be wider in the docks section, and narrower in the Browns Canyon section.

The PC&N layout will be implemented on two levels connected by a helix.  Here is a map of the upper level.  This level will be a 16″ wide shelf layout.

PCN Layout 7_Level2

The scenes encompass the portions of the NPC I find most interesting.  The number in front of the scene is the level the scene is located on.  They include:

  • 1:PC&N Docks – models the Sausalito Docks.  Via NPC owned steam powered ferries both goods and passengers made their way from the NPC dock in San Francisco.  This dock is the NPCs connection to the outside world.
  • 1:PC&N Sausalito – Was the home base for the NPC and contained its offices and engine facilities.  It gives me the opportunity to model a significant engine service operation.
  • 1:PC&N Point Reyes Stations – Point Reyes is at the bottom of Tomales Bay.  It was also the home of the Patriot Paper Mill.
  • 1:PC&N Occidental and Browns Canyon – Which is the major community I plan to model.  Access to Occidental from Sausalito is across the second spectacular NPC bridge, the Browns Canyon Trestle which is a scene all by itself.
  • 2:PC&N Lumber Mill and Logging – The logging and lumber mill scenes which collectively harvest redwoods, mill them, and transport the lumber to San Francisco.   This section allows me to showcase my ON30 logging engines.
  • 2:PC&N Duncan Mills – Which becomes the gateway to the mining district, an interaction with a major logging area and a stub line to a major lumber mill.  It is located along the Russian River and contains one of the NPC’s most spectacular bridges, the Russian River Bridge.
  • 2:PC&N Mining – An extensive Magnesite Mining area.  I find it interesting because of the intersection of two gauges (2 foot and 3 foot), the consists that will be run in that area, and the magnesite mill itself.
  • 2:PC&N Cazadero – Cazadero was the end of the line for the NPC.

The model railroad will be constructed on both levels starting with the left side on both the lower and upper level.  During the initial stages of construction, this left side will provide two switching pikes, one made up of the Sausalito Docks and yard, and the other made up of the Sonoma Magnesite mine and Duncan Mills.


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