PC&N Structures

The PC&N RR is based on the North Pacific Coast RR.  As a result, many of the structures will be based on NPC prototypes.  On the other hand, because this is a freelance railroad, interesting structures that were not on the NPC main line will be incorporated in the layout.  The structures fall into the following categories.

  • Bridges – The tallest trestle in the western half of the US, Browns Canyon Bridge, was once on the NPC main line near Occidental, CA.  Another interesting bridge was the Howe Truss bridge over the Russian River at Duncans Mills, CA.  These two bridges will be main features of scenes in the layout.  A number of other bridges will be constructed to add visual interest to the line.  Bridges will be scratch built from scale timber.
  • Tunnels – The NPC had a number of tunnels on its line.  Tunnels in the PC&N will be used to provide scene start or end points and to hide reversing loop trackage.  Tunnels will be built from scratch.
  • Buildings – As it models small town railroading, the PC&N will have a significant number of structures.  Some will specifically serve the railroad – depots, engine shops, and other trackside structures.  Others will be industries served by the railroad – lumbering operations, a mine, and other trackside industries.  Still others will be main street buildings – stores, churches, houses, etc.  Buildings will be constructed from kits, kit bashed from kits, and scratch built.

Each structure will have a page devoted to the structure.  A series of posts will chronicle its step-by-step construction.  Structures either completed or in process of construction include:

  • Sudbury Mill – This is a water wheel driven grist mill that is still operational in Sudbury, MA.  Even though not based on a NPC prototype it should fit in nicely in a small town theme.  Until it finds a permanent home on the PC&N, it will serve as a structure on the Holiday layout.

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