1:PC&N Docks Scene

Prototype Research

The docks in Sausalito were the primary connection of the NPC to the outside road.  Through its ferrys between the Sausalito Docks and the North Pacific Coast terminal in San Farncisco, the NPC moved passengers as well as rolling stock containing lumber and other freight loads.  The docks evolved over time as the emphasis shifted from primarily lumber and othr freight goods to more and more commuter and vacationer passenger traffic.

The series of photos and maps that follows shows the evolution of the docks.


This photo is of the dock in 1886.  The NPC had erected a passenger shed on the right side.  Other structures were minimal.


This map showing the Sausalito Docks track plan is from 1890.  The shed is a veryt large structure.  At this time there was a turntable for turning engines that is not obvious from the previous photo.


This photo is from 1904, two years after the NPC became the North Shore Railroad.  Two steamers are tied up to the docks.  The shed from the previous photo has been replaced with a more modern structure.


This photo shows the docks in 1909, about the time the North Shore was absorbed into the Northwestern Pacific RR.

Track Plan

Modeling this dock with the track plan from 1890 and the photo from 1886 fits in with the general era of the railroad.  The track plan for the model railroad closely approximates the real track plan with the following changes:

  • Tracks in the passenger shed were reduced from four to three.
  • The roundhouse was relocated to where there was room.
  • A team track with a crane was added.
  • The blue area is the front portion of a ferry docked in the freight bay.  It also serves as a staging area.

PCN Layout 7_Docks

Rolling Stock

Consists will be made up if both freight and passenger traffic to and from San Francisco via NPC ferries.  A switcher is likely to be assigned specifically this area.  The Sausalito yard switcher is also likely to appear in this area.


The following structures will make up this scene: 

  • There is a passenger terminal as well as oil storage and a number of other miscellaneous facilities.
  • General Terrain – Terrain will be mostly flat and mostly ballasted.  Water will surround much of this scene.
  • Nearby Scenes – The Sausalito yards.
  • Steamers – The passenger slips will be modeled empty.  The front portion of the freight steamer will also serve as a staging area for the layout.  There is no room to completely model one of the NPCs large steamers.

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