1:PC&N Occidental & Browns Canyon Scene

Prototype Research

Research into Occidental, its role and its services needs to be completed.  I’ve visited Occidental.  The railroad ran down what is now Occidental’s main street.  Today it is a crafts community that boasts an old hotel and a number of shops.  It will serve as the main downtown scene for the railroad.  At this point I am unsure of what industries it served.  As research proceeds., I’ll add more material.

Here is the Occidental track plan.

Occidental Track Plan

And a photo of Occidental.

Occidental Photo

Track Plan

There are two scenes described on this page.  The first is the Occidental Yards which are roughed into shape for now.  Occidental trackage is the portion in green on the left.

PCN Layout 7_Occidental

An extension of the track in the upper right corner of the above plan is the main line on its way to Sausalito.  It crosses the Browns Canyon Trestle on its way.  This was the highest bridge in the western United States at the time it was built.

Rolling Stock

Most of the traffic in this area will be through freight trains headed north or south.  they will be pulled by PC&N road engines.  A switch engine might be assigned to this area depending on the industries that end up being placed in this track plan.  Consists will be passenger, freight, or mixed.


A second scene is the trestle crossing Browns Canyon just outside Occidental.  Here is a drawing of the trestle.  This Howe Truss bridge/trestle was once the tallest bridge west of the Mississippi.

Browns Canyon Trestle

Other structures are to be determined.

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