2:PC&N Moscow Mill Scene

Prototype Research

Transportation of both cut timber and lumber was the main reason investors formed the North Pacific Coast RR.  Principal initial investors owned extensive redwood timber tracts in the area of the Russian River.  While the NPC evolved into a railroad with both passenger operations and freight services, the mills along the Russian River were a major source of traffic in the entire time period modeled in this model railroad.

In modeling lumber operations on the PC&N, I have chosen to model a single mill in detail that represents a composite of lumber mills along the Russian River in the area of Duncan Mills.  Most of the prototype photos and drawings focus on broad general mill layouts including structures, lumber storage, trackage, and surrounding scenery.

This is Dollar Lumber which was on a NPC siding west of Duncans Mills.


And this is the Tyrone Mill down Dutch Bill Creek on another siding.


I have chosen to model Moscow Mill which physically is in the right location — across the Russian River from Duncan Mills

Rolling Stock

  • Incoming Lumber Mill Consists – will be primarily made up of log disconnect consists of cut redwood lumber from the logging area pulled by a Shay or Climax.
  • Mill Operations – the switch engine assigned to this complex will be a Porter or other small steam locomotive..
  • Outgoing Consists – will be primarily made up of flat cars loaded with lumber pulled by lumber mill engines to the yards in Duncans Mills where they will be picked up by NPC road engines operating in the area.


  • Main Facility – The sawmill will be highly detailed based on my plans for Sturgeons Sawmill
  • Other Structures – Are yet to be determined but are likely to be made up of a number of smaller service structures and a sawdust burner.
  • General Terrain – The area will have timber cutting operations and is likely to be wooded.
  • Nearby Scenes – Duncan Mills Scene

What follows is builders logs on completed and active projects for this scene.  They are in reverse chronological order.


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