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NPC Model Railroad Want List


  • Shinohara HOn3 Flex track – will be added as needed
  • NCE Pro Cab Radio – $520
  • 5 Amp Power Supply – $50
  • Circuit Breakers


  • FED HOn3 4-4-0
  • Blackstone HOn3 K-28 – When available
  • Roundhouse HOn3 3 Truck Shay

Rolling Stock

  • Flats
  • Tankers
  • Box Cars
  • Stock Cars
  • Gondolas
  • Shay Passenger Cars (2)
  • Cabooses

Sausalito Yards

  • Shinohara HOn3 Turnouts – 6 No 6 Right, 6 No 6 Left
  • Banta Sargents Roundhouse (2)

Sausalito Docks

  • Turnouts – TBD
  • Passenger Shed
  • Oil Tanks

Duncans Mills

  • Turnouts TBD
  • Depot and Freight House

Sonoma Magnesite

  • Plant
  • Turnouts TBD

NPC Main Line Map

This is the map of the NPC Main line as it existed at the time the NPC prototype is being loosely modeled as a freelance railroad, the Pacific Coast & Northern.  The first image is from the Northeastern part of the NPC.  The second is from the Southwestern part of the NPC.



In comparing these maps to the layout, you will see that the vast majority of the layout focuses on the northeastern portion of the NPC.  The major exception is the shops, yards, and dock in Sausalito.