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Quarry Engine House

Rather than build a roundhouse like others will from the RDA Stone Roundhouse Kit, I decided to bash two RDA Branch Engine House kits instead.  Why?  I want this structure to be unique.  I also want the challenge.  The specs for the Stone Roundhouse don’t specify degrees taken from the turntable.  Positions on the Atlas turntable are 11 degrees apart.  By bashing Branch Engine Houses, i can control this potential issue,

Both kits employ some of the same stone panels.  Here are a series of shots of the Engine House.  The first shows the front of the engine house.

RDA Engine House

This shot also shows the front with a close up of the engine opening.  Note that there are two front panels – one for the engine and the other containing a door and window.

RDA Engine House Front1

This is a shot of the rear.  Note that there is a second engine opening.  A simple bash would be to put the engine opening on the front in place of the section with the door and window, thus converting this structure into a two stall engine house.

RDA Engine House Rear

This is a view of one side.  Note the large windows.  It is three sections deep, plenty long for my longest HOn3 engine, the 2-8-0 Consolidation.

RDA Engine House Side1


This is a view of the other side.  Note the large windows.  The small lean to structure could be a workshop or a power house.  I won’t know till the kit comes what material is supplied to implement the wall between the main structure and lean to.

RDA Engine House Side 2

Now add a second engine house.  The structure could easily morph into a three or even a four stall engine house.  The lean to could be two sections deep or wide — or the two could be placed on the opposite sides of the structure.  The roof would need to be changed — either by reducing the slope or turning it into a flat roof.  It would be challenging to convert this into a round house as the back walls would need to be longer than those in the front.  Of course, I can always curve the track.  Given that combining the kits frees up panels, the lean-to could be implemented as a free standing structure.  Or it could be part of a single stall engine service building.

What about the Atlas Roundhouse?  I basically got it at no cost as part of an eBay bundle.  It is loaded with windows and other useful pieces like downspouts.  And the brick can be used to ‘brick-in’ openings all over the layout and in constructing other smaller structures.

The only thing that is obvious is the lack of doors in the stone Engine House.  I may need to scratch build those.  Or, the lack of detail in the back of the Stone Roundhouse could easily be addressed with a bit of styrene so I’m going to find out whether they will sell me the sprues containing the doors.  What about the lack of celestory windows?  There may be a solution to that issue using Atlas windows instead.

Once the two kits have arrived, I’ll lay out the structure I decide to build.