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PC&N Mini Layout Track Laying Order

Well, I pulled the trigger on a track order for the PC&N Mini Layout today, following the track laying guidelines for both the Mini and PC&N layout.  The order included.

  • 24 3′ sections of Micro Engineering Code 83 ON30 track.
  • Four left hand Code 83 ON30 turnouts.
  • Four right hand Code 83 ON30 turnouts.
  • Code 83 track joiners
  • Code 83 insulated track joiners
  • Track nails
  • A three pliers set including Zircon cut off pliers, Nail insertion pliers, and nail removal pliers.

The track and turnouts should cover the majority of my needs for the Mini layout.  I guess I need to get working on the track plan.

PC&N Mini Layout – DCC Control

This thread documents the installation of DCC control on my PC&N Mini Layout.  As indicated on the PC&N controls page, I elected to go with the NCE Power Cab System which I ordered from Power Hobby for just under $150 including shipping.



In this series of posts I will document installation and testing of this system on my modeling bench.