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JMRI Initial Download

I downloaded the freeware JMRI software to my MacBook Pro.  Unfortunately, use of the Launchpad is not available as the software is not registered with Apple.  So the JMRI applications need to be opened from the finder.  Of course all the files are visible in that view so it is not a friendly user interface.  But I’ll figure it out.

In reading through the documentation for JMRI, interface with the NCE USB interface is somewhat limited.  Specifically, you cannot:

  • Automate turnout monitoring
  • Access the fast clock
  • Utilize programming track functions
  • Do locomotive programming

But it appears all other operating functions are supported.  There are other ways of accessing the above NCE features and I suspect these limitations could be lifted in future JMRI software releases.

Neither of these two is a deal killer.  I’m going to order the USB interface so I can do testing on my bench track.