Small Speeder

In a quest for a host for the Nigel Lawson MPD18 MK2 bogey I am building, I started looking at small speeders.  I found a number that appear to be an appropriate size.

Proto Speeder 1

Speeders like these were commonly used as railway inspection cars.

Proto Speeder 2

Today most are owned by individual owners who take them out on excursions.

Missouri Pacific MT-14

But these speeders are too modern for my layout.  I was hoping for a small speeder from the 1900 to 1920 era.  Then I came across this photo.

Bergen Hill Speedr030

Now we’re talking.  This speeder has open sides with roll down side curtains.   Because this will be a freelance speeder I won’t need to be concerned about differences in wheelbase and I can build it to fit the bogey.  Given this speeder’s hand-made look that is probably what happened with the prototype.

Here’s a side by side comparison.

Bergen Hill Speedr030MPD18Mk2-314x196

Wheelbase is within range.  If I position the motor at the back and extend the front a bit, I can incorporate seats for the driver, especially if I bend over a portion of the tabs sticking up in the left side of the bogey photo.  Here are takeoffs incorporating the bogey and my estimates from the photo.  I converted takeoffs to 1:1 dimensions as some of my estimates assumed a 6′ man which I converted to 1/87 then to HO in millimeters.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 11.32.17 AM

I could build the speeder as shown in the photo with the canvas sides if I enclose the motor in an ‘engine cabinet’.  Deck length and width are for the bogey.  Cab width is the width of the cab. With a cab width of 60″ and a motor diameter of 27.4″, with the engine at the back, there is plenty of room for a bench for the driver and an assistant.  If necessary, the deck base could be higher reducing the height of the engine compartment in the cab.

I started with a 3D CAD program called TinkerCAD.  After taking a few lessons, I took a shot at modeling the cab in TinkerCAD.  Here is the result of my efforts.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.46.46 AM

So the pressure is on to finish the Bogey kit build so I can start work on the speeder.  Oh yes, a 3D printer is now on my wish list.


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