Skagit Speeder Model Components

This will be a scratch built locomotive.  By NMRA standards this means everything except the motor, gear assembly, and wheels needs to be scratch built although some detail parts are allowed.  Here is the starting point for the drive train.

This is a bogie kit sold by Nigel Lawton in the UK.  The kit has the following component parts.

MPD18 Components

The photo etching are combined in with the parts in a series of steps to create the bogie.


I’ve never done this before so this should be an interesting exercise.  I’ll find a home for the resulting mechanism.  But there are a number problems with this unit in the Skagit application:

  1. This is a HOn30 unit and the Skagit will run on HOn3 track.
  2. When I get done pulling dimensions I’m sure the wheel base will be too short.
  3. The motor should really go under the hood so it it needs to be ahead of the front trucks.

Assuming Nigel’s mechanism works (more dependent on me than him) I am going to need to kit bash his mechanism.  That means slightly longer wheel axels and a longer Layshaft and Layshaft bracket.

Layshaft and Bracket

In addition to using the photo etching to create a drive unit per instructions, I can use it as a template to create a bracket as well as the rest of the assembly from either brass or styrene.  I’ll need to source longer shafts but they are a common size at 1.5 mm.  The rest of the parts are available from Nigel.  I could buy them individually or buy another kit and scavenge needed parts.

In a number of posts, it appears as though at least the early engines were Fordson Tractor engines.  Wiseman distributes a Fordson Tractor kit in HO and HOn3.  Because a radiator will appear at the front of the Skagit, I picked up one of these tractors.  I’m sure I can find a use for the tractor, even with the radiator removed.  Or I may take a shot at casting a duplicate.

Wiseman Fordson Tractor

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