SMC Davenport Dinky

Here is a side shot of the SMC Davenport Dinky.  Judging from the date of this photo (about 1915) it would have been a fairly early Davenport 4-4-0.


This complete view shows a typical consist.


This is another shot of the Davenport Dinky, this with the top cut off.


Here is a similar prototype.

Davenport Dinky 0-4-0_4

Of course Davenport 0-4-0s are not found in HOn30.  So this will need to be either a kit bash or a scratch build.  If a kit bash, modifications are so major that it would approach a scratch build.  I’m not going to put this project into a slot for now.  We’ll just see how it evolves.

This is a HOn30 engine that started life as an Eggar-Bahn and most recently is currently marketed by Minitrains.  It is a German model with more of a European flair than US.



Extensive modifications would be needed to convert this to a Davenport 0-4-0T.  Because there is a better candidate available, this thine will be freelanced into an engine that looks more like an American prototype.  Check the builders log at the bottom of this page for step-by-steps.

Minitrains has also marketed a 0-4-0T that is based on a Baldwin saddle tank prototype.  While that engine is currently out of production, one comes up from time to time on eBay.

MiniTrains Hon30 0-4-0T Saddle 1


The following photo is of one of these engines that has been bashed and weathered.

MiniTrains Hon30 0-4-0T Saddle 3

I won one of these engines at auction on eBay.  It is on its way to me.  I’ll post a builders log as soon as this project is in the active phase.

Builders Logs



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