Strawberry Fields Consists

This garden railroad is will be made up of a simple loop and some sidings.  There may be a passing siding.  A major focal point will be logging.  There will be a logging area, a lumber yard and a furniture factory.  There sill be a depot and freight shed.  Other related buildings will be present.

There needs to be a staging area holding trains entering or leaving the outside world.  The staging area will be covered in a way that is similar to the train shed that once served on the dock in Sausalito for the North Pacific Coast.


It will need to be sufficiently wide to handle six consists.  Consists will be limited to the length occupied by four Bachmann passenger cars.

I see the following consists:

  • A log train running from the logging area to the sawmill.
  • A freight train taking lumber from the sawmill to the lumber yard.
  • A passenger train serving the area.  It could be a mixed train.
  • A general freight train serving the area.

In addition, the following consists will serve as kids consists:

  • Lionel Polar Express consist
  • Bachmann freight consist

The following battery cars will be supported.  The staging area will also serve as a charging station.

  • Lumber load – This car will have a lumber load that conceals the electronics.  It will be a Bachmann flat with a lumber load.  It will be rugged enough that it can serve both as an adult and a kids battery car.
  • Logging skidder – This battery car will lead the log train consist.  Using a bachmann flat as a base, its load will consist of a logging skidded and a crane mounted on a platform.
  • Passenger car – This will be a Bachmann Combine converted to a battery car.  It will serve both a passenger consist and a mixed train consist.

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