2-4-4-0T Switcher

This is a led-over parts locomotive.  The thought process started out with this Roundhouse 3 in 1 kit.

Roundhouse 0-8-0

This is an old Roundhouse kit that allows the construction of a static (non-powered) steam engine.  The photo shows an 0-8-0T.  But this kit was designed for kit bashers – like me.  The kit offers another option, a 2-4-4-0T articulated shown in the bottom of the following photo.  This engine would never have existed in the real world.  But it sure fired my imagination!

2-4-4-0T Option

If you look at the parts set, it includes the components to model the above 2-4-4-0T.  If you look more closely, the frame and running components are the same as those in the Outside Frame Roundhouse 2-8-0 Consolidation kit with the exception of the connecting rods and piston rods.  But as you can see, these parts are in the kit.  If you compare the two kits in the following photos, the locomotive frame is the same as are the counterweights and under frame.  There are two sets of pistons in the bag as well as the drivers.  There are two sets of piston rods.


I happen to have three of the 2-8-0 kits. Those two kits are powered.  Two are destined to be used in building a 2-6-6-2T logging locomotive.  A third will be used in building a 2-8-2 Mikado.  But there may be enough parts left over from the other Roundhouse locomotive projects to build this locomotive.  It is also common to see 2-8-0 kits that are incomplete on eBay.  This will be the last engine built in this series.  I’ll see where we are in left-over parts when the other engines are complete.

So what if I started with the 3 in 1 kit.  The tank, cab and bunker look a lot like the cab/tank/bunker that came with the 3 in 1 kit.  So I took my razor saw and cut the frame in half …

Loggging Mallet Frame 1

Inserted a second set of cylinders …

Logging Mallet Frame 2

Then laid the boiler-cab-bunker along side.

Logging Mallet Frame 3

It should work.  The boiler-cab-bunker is a good match to this drive train.  Now I need to figure out the best way to power it.

Also, there is a ton of room inside the shell to work out drive train issues and find a place for the sound board and speakers.   I’ll need to add weight somewhere.

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