X-8-X Kits Drive Line

This shows the drive line components that are in the three kits.  These are the drivers.  There are four pair in the bag.  There is another four pair loose. There is another three pair loose.  Finally, there are four pair unassembled at the bottom of the photo.  The unassembled drivers all have flanges and are from the 3 in 1 kit.  That is more than enough to assemble three kits.



The following is a photo of trucks and pilots.


At the top are three sets of tender trucks including the set on the tender.  The bag also has drive line components including gears.  At the bottom are an assembled lead truck and an assembled trailing truck.  In addition there are two pair of wheels, each for a lead truck.  There is also a plastic truck that came with the 3 in 1 kit.


This is the parts set that came with the 3 in 1 kit.  There are four driver axles and a lead truck axle.  There is also a smoke box cover for the boiler.  The brass parts are for the crossheads.


The above photo compares the NWSL can motor 1630D-9 (below) to the Sagami open frame motor (above) that comes with the powered units.  NWSL indicates that the open frame is a quality motor.  But neutral is exposed all across the frame, making it difficult to isolate for DCC.  The NWSL is insulated.  NWSL indicates the can motor may not fit.  But it is smaller in most dimensions than the open frame, included the space needed to run one flywheel.  I’m going to attempt to use the 1630D-9 with both the 2-8-0 and the 2-8-2 builds.

I do have two NWSL 1220D-9s on order just in case the larger motor doesn’t fit.  Because these motors are so small (less than 0.8″ long) I may be able to use two in the Mallet, one powering each driver unit.

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