Roundhouse Kit Detail Parts

If I want these engines to be a family, they should have a similar look.  That gets down to paint and lettering.  But it also applies to detail parts.  Here are the detail parts selected for all four engines.

All will have the same stack with the following spark arrestor.  I’ll pick the stack once the spark arrestor arrives.

Spark Arrestor

All will be oil fueled.  An appropriate oil bunker will be added to the tender and to the bunker on x-8-xT engines.  A hatch will be located for oil and another for water.  Here is the water hatch.  The water hatch will be on the tender for engines with tenders and on the bunker for the x-8-xT locomotives.

Water Hatch

This will serve as the oil hatch.

Oil Hatch

All will have the same headlight, mounted on the boiler.  Attempts will be made to electrify the headlights with LEDs,


All will also have tail lights on the rear of the tender for this with tenders and on the back of the bunker for x-8-xT locos.  These will also be electrified.

Tail Light

In some cases, headlights will be mounted on the pilot.

Pilot Mounted Headlight

All will have generators mounted on the top of the boiler.


All will have air compressors mounted on the side of the boiler,

Air Compressor

All will have air tanks mounted below steps on the boiler.  Lines will need to be run from the compressor to the air tank, and from the tank to appropriate places on the locomotive sand tender.

Air Tanks

All will have cylinder lubricators mounted on top of the cylinders.

Cylinder Lubricators

All will have a brake cylinder mounted in a visible area below the tender.  Lines will need to be run to the brake cylinder.

Tend Brake Cylinder

All will have air whistles mounted on the side of the steam dome.

Air Whistle

All will have air ringer bells mounted on top of the boiler.

Ringer Bell

Here is the Pilot Beam for yard switchers.

Pilot Beam

Note: Other detail parts will be added as the project evolves including piping, back head details, tender details, etc.

Backhead Parts – Diagram shows back head for NPC No 21

The problem with back head parts is often, nobody sees them.  But I’m going to list them and show examples.  The following diagram was a collaboration between David Fletcher, Keith Christensen, and yours truly on what the back head might have looked like for North Pacific Coast No 21, my Holy Grail locomotive.  Keith has since passed away and owned the last remaining Class A Climax.  NPC No 21 was unique in that it was the first railroad engine with a marine boiler, and the first cab forward locomotive.  It was also arguably the first locomotive designed from the beginning to be oil fired.  What I’m saying is this back head illustrates parts placement for a very unusual locomotive.


Parts shown on the drawing (along with a few others) are:

  • Throttle
    Backhead Throttle
  • Johnson Bar
  • Gauge Cluster
    Gauge Clusters
  • Brake Stand
    Air Brake Stand
  • Oil Firebox door
    Oil Firebox door
  • Lube Tray
  • Hydrostatic Lubricator – Oil
    Hydrostatic Lubricator
  • Calledan Injector – Water
    Injector with PipingSteam Locomotive Injector
  • Sight Glass
    Dual Sight Glass
  • Tri-Cocks
  • Drip Funnel – Tri-cocks output through the floor
    Drain Funnels
  • Engineer/Fireman Seats
    Engineer-Fireman Seats
  • Auxiliary water pump – Water or oil
    Feedwater Pump
  • Feedwater Heater
    Feedwater Heater
  • Turret – distributes steam to various devices
    Turret Valve

Mallet Specific Parts

  • Pilot Mount Headlight
    Pilot Mount Headlight
  • Unitah Lead Truck
    Unitah Lead Truck
  • Pilot Deck
    Pilot Deck
  • Double Stack
    Double Stack

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