X-8-X Kit Construction – Frame and Drive Line

In viewing these images, keep in mind this is a merger of three separate kits:

  • A Roundhouse HOn3 Outside Frame 2-8-0 Consolidation
  • A Roundhouse HOn3 Outside Frame 2-8-0 Consolidation with an extended parts set.
  • A Roundhouse HOn3 3 in 1 kit designed to produce a static 0-8-0T or 2-8-0T or 0-4-4-0T or a 2-4-4-0T

This Image shows the engine frames from these three kits as well as the under frame that suppers the drivers.  Note that there are three frames as you would expect.  There are four under frames, two of which came from the 3 in 1 kit.  Why two under frames from the 3 in 1 kit? Beats me.  These parts have been separated from sprues and the flash cleaned up using the tools on the outside of the photo.  I can’t tell which part came from which kit any more.  It doesn’t matter as they are identical.  The fact the parts are identical makes a strong statement that it would be relatively easy to power the static kit in a 0-8-0T or 2-8-0T configuration.

Kits White Metal 1


These are the cylinders and yokes from the combined kits.  Note that there are four and they are identical.  Two of the four are from the 3 in 1 kit, allowing a modeler to bash a static 0-4-4-0T or a 2-4-4-0T.  If I use this 3 in 1 kit parts to produce an operating 2-8-0T, which I intend to do, one of these parts will be freed up for the 2-4-4-2 project.  The flash on these parts is typical of what comes out of one of these kits.

Kits White Metal 2

In this photo, a little quick work with two files, took care of the flash.  The scratch marks will be covered with paint.

Kits white Metal 3

This next photo shows the drive line components from the combination of these three kits.

Kits white Metal 4

I’ll deal with what’s here by part starting in the lower left corner and going counterclockwise.

  • Side Rods – There are six here and the only brass part in this image.  One of the six is attached to the piston rod.  This is a sufficient number to fabricate three x-8-x drive trains.  If two of these rods are cut in half, the pieces could be used on a 2-4-4-2.
  • Piston Rods – There are eight here, two more than needed to construct three x-8-0 drive trains.  The extra two could be used in constructing a 2-4-4-2.
  • Counterweights Short Pin.  The pins are the attachment point to the side rods other than where the piston rod connects.  There are 24.  Only 18 would be needed for three x-8-x drive trains.
  • Counterweights Long Pin.  The long pins connect to both the side rods and piston rods.  There are seven.  Six are needed to construct three x-8-x drive trains.  Eight would be needed if one to the three engines built was a x-4-4-x.  So one would need to be either borrowed from annotate kilt or fabricated.
  • Pilot Bearings – Are used to support a leading or trailing truck.  There are four.  So some combination of up to four leading and trailing trucks could be supported.  It should be noted that the second 2-8-0 Outside Frame Consolidation kit has an extra brass lead truck and trailing truck.
  • Pilot Bearing Caps – there are three.  If all four pilot bearings are to be used, an additional pilot bearing cap would need to be fabricated,
  • Yokes – support the back end of the valve guides.  Three are in the set.  four would be needed if one of the three engines is to be a x-4-4-x.
  • Valve guides – There are eight.  Six are needed for three x-8-x engines.  Eight would be needed if one is a x-4-4-x.

In summary, so far we are short a long pin counterweight, and a yoke if one of the engines coming out of this set is a x-4-4-x.  The yoke could be fabricated from styrene and brass rod using a white metal yoke as the pattern  The counterweight could be fabricated using one of the extra short rod counterweights.  Drill out the short rod and replace it with a longer brass rod.

Flash was removed from these parts and they are ready for use.

I hacked one of these frames to ready them for a 2-4-4-2T logging Mallet.  You can see the cut line between the second and third spring.

Loggging Mallet Frame 1


This would be the configuration with a second set of pistons.

Logging Mallet Frame 2

This shows the frame and pistons in relation to the boiler-tank-cab-bunker.

Logging Mallet Frame 3

The next step in this process is to figure out how to power it.


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