Blackstone K-27 No 456 Unweathered – Rio Grande Herald

This is a 2-8-2 Mikado.  It is often referred to as a mudhen.  The following is a prototype photo.

DRGW 456 Proto1

These are prototype photos of other K-27s.

D&RGW K-27 Proto2

D&RGW K-27 Proto3

D&RGW K-27 Proto4

D&RGW K-27 Proto5

Here is the Blackstone Model No 456, weathered.

Blackstone 456

So what would a K-27 be doing on the NPC.  In the North Shore days they had three C-17 2-8-0 engines.  One came from the D&RGW.  It is not outside the realm of possibilities that they may have leased a K-27 to deal with increasing freight loads.  That is what I am gong to assume.

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