NPC Machine Shop

This map is dated 1890.  Within 10 years the NPC was building its own locomotive and extensively modifying another (NPC No 21).  A machine shop would have been necessary to do so.


I’m placing  machine shop in the layout map in the upper left corner of the Sausalito Yard section of the layout.  While the layout map shows two tracks going into the structure, the actual drawing shows only one.

PCN Layout 7 Sausalito Yards

I came across the McCabe Machine shop on eBay.  It struck me as a reasonable representation of what might have been.  Note the single track.

McCabe 1

Because this is a machine shop model, the NPC facility might lay out like this.  The Corliss engine is a stationary steam engine that drives the pulleys for the machine shop.  the only thing I would modify from the kit is to extend the track further into the building so it would fit an entire locomotive.

McCabe 2

This is the rear view, showing the steam engine room.  The room is empty because the machine tools and other components are not part of the kit.

McCabe 4

Machine tools would be along the other side of the building.  Parts and raw materials would be staged outside.      The machine shop has an overall footprint of a scale 63′ x 84′ (roughly 9″ x 12″)

Interior Details

The objective is to set up a boiler and stationary steam engine that power a set of pulleys that drive various machine tools in the facility.  Rio Grande Models provides the following in HO or HOn3.

  • Stationary Boiler – 3010 – $8.00
  • Blacksmith Shop Equipment Set – 3020 – $20
  • Overhead belt drive set. -3021 – $15
  • Air Compressor – 3022 – $15
  • Wheel Borer and Press – 3023 – $15
  • Hack Saw and Metal Shear – 3032 – $15
  • Metal Flanger, Trimmer & Drill Press – 3033 – $15
  • Bolt Threader and Lathe – 3034 – $15
  • Metal Planer – 3035 – $15
  • Stationary Steam Engine – 3040 – $20
  • Wheel Lathe – 3046 – $15
  • Grinder – 3143 – $12
  • Derrick Boom – 3147 – $20

The entire set would run $197.  Some carpentry equipment like a table saw would round things out.  Locomotive shop trucks could be bashed from inexpensive wheel sets.  Lighting would be Woodland Scenics.

Bashing the McCabe Kit

Tracks would include a long track running down the left side of the building and siding that runs outside the building.

The BTS McCabe Kit came today.  It is a gorgeous set of laser cut wood parts and white metal castings.  I can’t wait to get started.

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