PC&N Locomotives – MDC HOn3 2-8-0 Consolidation kit

Prototype Research

Shortly after the North shore took over from the NPC, management purchased three Baldwin 2-8-0s.  No 40 came from the Denver & Rio Grand.

North Shore 40

Note the fluted domes.  This engine was built by Baldwin in 1880 and was slightly smaller than the other two engines.  In this shot it has been converted to an oil burner.

Numbers 31 and 33 were identical Baldwins built in 1885 purchased from the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic.

North Shore 31-33

Note the rounded domes.

The Model – MDC Roundhouse HOn3 2-8-0 Consolidation Kit

This is an engine produced from the kit by a modeler.  It is a much closer match to Nos 31 and 33 than the Blackstone model.

MDC 2-8-0 Kit

This is the box containing the kit.  It is an outside frame 2-8-0, more consistent with the greater weight of Nos 31 and 33.

MDC 2-8-0 Kit 2


And the following is the kit contents.

MDC 2-8-0 Kit 3


North West Short Line makes an upgraded gearing kit for this engine, which I will install as I build.  I’d like to locate an identical kit so I can build them both together.

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