PC&N Locomotives – Blackstone C-19 Unlettered

Prototype Research

Shortly after the North shore took over from the NPC, management purchased three Baldwin 2-8-0s.  No 40 came from the Denver & Rio Grand.

North Shore 40

Note the fluted domes.  This engine was built by Baldwin in 1880 and was slightly smaller than the other two engines.  Numbers 31 and 33 were identical Baldwins built in 1885 purchased from the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic.

North Shore 31-33


Note the rounded domes.

The Model – Blackstone HOn3 2-8-0 Consolidation Unlettered

This model is on order.

Blackstone 2-8-0 Unlettered

Blackstone 2-8-0 Unlettered 2

General Specifications:

  • Cab Interior
  • Individual Grab Irons and Hand Rails
  • Piping and Valve Detail
  • Operates on both DCC and DC
  • 18″ Operating Radius

Sound Decoder Specifications:

  • Tsunami Digital Sound Decoder by SoundTraxx
  • Sounds Recorded from the Prototype
  • Whistle
  • Bell
  • Exhaust
  • Dynamo
  • Airpump
  • Blower and more!
  • Directional, Constant Lighting
  • Headlight
  • Backup Light (where prototypically accurate)
  • Maintenance-free Golden White LEDs

Model Specific Specifications:

  • Blackstone B310214-S HOn3
  • Russian Iron Boiler Color Jacket
  • Diamond Stack – Fluted Style Domes
  • Box Headlight – Flared Side Tender
  • Wood Panel Cab Sides – Single 11-inch air compressor
  • Road Pilot – Early Baldwin contoured smoke box front

Modifications and Kitbash:

There is not a lot of work needed here.  But some of the differences may be addressed including:

  • Lettering
  • Smoke stack
  • Headlight
  • Cab
  • Fuel – Convert to oil
  • Air compressor and tank


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