PC&N Duncan Mills Scene – Sawmill & Wood Products

This is the small sawmill shown in the Duncan Mills track plan (top center).  Why build a small sawmill when later I’ll have a big one?  To provide an industry while Duncan Mills is functioning as a switching pike.  Besides, Duncan Mills actually supported at lest four sawmills, one in town.

I am going to assume this was a small mill serving a woods products industry (moulding, sash, etc.)  Incoming loads will be logs.  Outgoing loads will be box cars.



The sawmill will model the structure without the water wheel of Mabry Mill, a real mill in Virginia.  Here are some prototype photos.  The first is a distance shot of the mill.

Mabry Mill


The second shows the flume.

Mabry Flume

This is a cutaway showing internal operations.

Mabry Cutaway

A HO kit was produced by Muir Models.

Mabry Kit 1


And internal sawmill equipment is available from Woodland Scenics.

Woodland Scenics Sawmill Equipment

I wood model without the fume and divert the fume to Patriot Paper in Point Reyes Station.

The wood products manufacturing facility would be a face frame structure – source to be determined.

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