PC&N Duncan Mills Scene – Russian River Bridge


The Russian River Bridge as constructed to serve the lumber mills on the other side of the river from Duncan Mills.  This bridge was 300′ long which would convert to around 6′ in O scale.  Because this bridge will play the role of connecting two sides of one lf the layout rooms across a door way, I’ll shorten the length to around 35″.

A set of plans would be really helpful.  A few years ago, I purchased a Howe Bridge Jig from Black Bear Construction Company.  In poking around the Black Bear web site I came across a Truss Bridge Clinic conducted by Michael Barrett.  In his clinic he used a Fox River Bridge kit once offered by Midwest Products as an example of an early well thought out kit.  Here is a drawing of the bridge.  This is Figure 1 of his clinic which was taken from the kit instructions.  The similarity of the bridge in this kit to the Russian River Bridge is amazing.  The two portals are different but the rest of the bridge is nearly identical.  The portal issue is easily solved by modifying portal construction to match the Russian River Bridge.

Fox River Bridge

In his clinic Michael compared the Fox River Bridge to a number of others as shown in Figure 3.

Fox Rv Bdg Scale

At this point I had a parts list (except for quantity and a drawing,  But I didn’t have step by step construction.  So I went on eBay and ran a search on this kit which has been out of production for years.  I found an unopened package for $35.

Midwst Prod - Fox Brdg

Now I have the instruction book to build my bridge.  What about the HO scale parts included in the kit?  I’m going to build this bridge as described in the kit with the HO parts and place it in an appropriate section of the layout.

The kit has arrived and is complete.  I’ll post a step by step covering its construction, then use the jigs developed to build the kit to build the longer Russian River bridge.

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