NPC Line – Cazadero

Cazadero was the northern end of the line for the North Pacific Coast Railroad.  Here is the track plan as of 1916, well after the Northwestern Pacific had taken over.

Cazadero Plan

This drawing shows the yards in Cazadero.

End of the Line for the North Pacific Coast Railroad Cazadero

End of the Line for the North Pacific Coast Railroad Cazadero

This is a shot of the gallows turntable being used to turn an engine at Cazadero.

Cazadero Turntable

This shot shows a train about to leave the station in Cazadero.

Cazadero StationThis is a station drawing.

Cazadero Depot Drawing

This is another station photograph showing the tracks leading into the station.

Cazadero Depot 1914


This drawing is of Ingrams Hotel in Cazadero which burned in 1902.  It is likely to be the hotel shown on the earlier yard drawing.

Ingram's Hotel Cazadero

Ingram’s Hotel Cazadero

Modeling Interest

As the end of the line for the NPC, Cazadero is crucial.  In addition the Magnesite RR interchanged just to the south and Elim, the site of the Austin Creek Tragedy is within a mile.


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