PC&N Mini Layout Final Track Plan

This version is the final track plan for the shelf layout.  It is simplified somewhat from Plan 2.  Given that track crossing from the left to the right side of the layout needs to be joined, I reduced the number of crossing tracks by 1.

This is the track plan for the left side.

Shelf Layout 1 - Left

The fiddle shelf (blue) allows me to add complete consists to the shelf layout by just dropping the shelf into place.  A rack on the wall going into my man cave can store up to six consists.  I plan to have a similar fiddle shelf area on the large layout.

The left side is 10′ long and 15″ deep.  In addition to being stage left for this layout, it also contains two industrial sidings.  The track plan was produced using Any Rail 5, with the trackage from their Micro Engineering track library.  This entire shelf is part of Power District 1 along with a portion of the right side.

This is the track plan for the right side.

Shelf Layout 1 - Right

There is room for a small engine service facility.  I also included the turn table from the second plan.  The location of the control panel and the break point between Power Districts 1 and 2 are also identified.  A Peco turntable is used to turn engines and send them to the engine service facility.

If you read through my page on this layout, the shelf layout is both a test track and a small switching layout.  The switching layout will allow me to run trains while the big layout is under construction.

The bottom two tracks on the layout will be double track, allowing HOn3 equipment to be run on that portion of the layout.  That is important as the mining district of the PC&N Layout will be HOn3 track with HOn3 equipment.  So this layout will be able to test both ON30 and HOn3 equipment.  Track will all be Code 70 Shinohara.  Because the main lines of the PC&N layout will be Code 83 and the yards will be Code 70, all equipment tested will have been tested on Code 70 track.

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