Sturgeons #1 – Design Considerations

The following is a list of what I’d like to accomplish with this project.

  • Begin with the BAGRS concept.  The concept is proven and there are plenty of opportunities to deviate from (bash) the original design.  While kits were available for a while, they don’t appear to be currently available.  That means this is really a scratch built locomotive.
  • Upgrade the power.  I see an upgraded boiler and steam engine.   I want to be able to pull decent sized consists.
  • Upgrade the wheel arrangement.  I see this as a 0-2-4T rather than the 0-2-2 in the BAGRS design.  The addition of a four wheel truck at the rear will allow the engine to better negotiate turns.
  • Power more than one axle.  After all, this is a live steam engine that will regularly deposit oil on the rails.  Ideally, all three axels would receive power.
  • Modify the scale.  While the BAGRS model is a 1:20.3 (3 foot narrow gauge model), it makes more sense to me to convert to 7/8 scale (2 foot narrow gauge).
  • Create a unique look that fits in with NPC history and the terrain in which it operates.
  • Learn how to use a mini-lathe and a mini-mill in this project.  The output doesn’t need to be NASA quality.  I just needs to look OK and work.  After all, this is a backwoods engine.  The prototype would have been cobbled together.

In the rest of this post, I’ll discuss how these objectives were met.

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