Rotary Kiln Rails, Wheels & Rollers Log

This log will document modeling of the rotary kiln rails, wheels, and rollers pictured further down this post.

If you look at the earlier photo of the rotary kiln, you will see the front shroud is supported by freight car wheels on rails.  I intend to model the support brackets with styrene, the rails with scrap rails, and the wheels with sourced freight wheels.  A rough estimate of 1:1 diameter would be 18″.


I also plan to model the support brackets for the rollers supporting the tyres from styrene.  The wheels will probably be modeled using appropriately sized pulleys.  A rough estimate of 1:1 diameter would be 24″.


This drawing of tire assembly design shows common British practice in the early 1900s.


With these two applications in mind, I picked up these 33″ HO wheels off eBay.  At 1:1, they should be about 1/3 inch in diameter.  Any left will be used as clutter, probably in the Sausalito Shops scene.

33 inch HO Wheels

I also ordered Crow River Products 24″ pulleys to be used as rollers for the tires.



The 24″ pulleys arrived.  They are a very close match to the rollers that supported the prototype tires as shown in this photo.


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