Rotary Kiln End Hood Log

I’m estimating the end hood to be 3 feet deep in 1:1 scale or 0.75″ in 1:48.  This will be modeled using a slice of the joiners for 1 1/4″ code 40 PVC.  A scction will be cut from a portion of the bottom of the PVC piece to allow the brick to extend below the outer diameter of the joiner to model the dumping of calcined ore into the steel lined concrete bunker below the kiln.  A close look at the band surrounding the brick on the left side reveals that the brisk is recessed somewhat from the end using an L girder formed to the curve of the end hood.  The best approach may be to wrap the PVC joiner slice in brass or styrene to form the overlap then place a brass or styrene ring vertically against the brick and horizontally from the inside against the wrapping.


The Crowe River order includes some brick sheet that should cover what I need on the lower end of the tube as well as the base for the chimney at the upper end.


I’ll need to locate suitable boiler doors for the hood and fabricate the piping for the oil line feeding the burner.  The support trucks on the two sides and the rail construction are being logged in the Rails, Wheels and Rollers Log.

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