Rotary Kiln Electric Motor & Gears Log

This log will document modeling of the electrical motor and gears driving rotation of the cylinder of the rotary kiln.

The drive gear in all likelyhood was electrically driven.  I’m hoping this Crow River motor is appropriately sized.


In at least one rotary kiln installation I observed the use of bevel gears.  So I ordered these from Crow River.


The most vexing problem related to the kiln tube was locating a scaled version of the large gear surrounding the rotary kiln cylinder.  Then I stumbled on a Spirograph set containing a wide variety of gear sizes.  I purchased the kit hoping one is of the ideal size for this application.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed on this one.  Additional work on the tube will need to wait until the Spirograph gears arrive.  One of these should be large enough to go around the rotary kiln tube.  Another should be small enough to serve as the final output gear from the electrical motor.  Gear tooth density is appripriate for this model and the gears will mesh – that’s what Spirographs do.




The Spirograph arrived.  It turned out that the 84 tooth gear accepts Code 40 PCV Joints perfectly.  So I cut two very thin pieces and epoxied them to the Spirograph gear, sandwiching it between.  When the sandwich dried, I used my drill press to drill holes around the inside edge of the PVC joint slices.  After connecting the dots. I used the Exacto to trim the gear flush with the inside of the joiner, allowing my gear mechanism to slide on the tube as shown on this photo.



Immediately below the gear on the tube is the electric motor I ordered from Crow River Products to power the rotation of the tube.  The motor is sufficiently beefy that it is credible in this application.  The light colored plastic gear is the 24 tooth gear from the Spirograph set.  which will be used to transmit power from the motor to the large gear surrounding the kiln.  I also show a pair of beveled gears I ordered from Crow.  I need to work on the arrangement of the gear box.

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