Guinness 0-4-0T Drawings

Bob Bath at 16mm Narrow Gauge Modelers posted a series of drawings used in creating his model of this locomotive.  Note that his model is live stream and many of the parts relate to constructing a live steam model.  If the model is to be electrified, many of these parts would be unnecessary.

01 Left Hand GA
01 Left Hand GA2
02 GA Top View
03 Main Frames
03 Main Frames-2
04 Frames Fittings
04 Frames Fittings-2
05 Running Gear
06 Couplings
07 Motor Parts
08 Boiler Assembly
09 Boiler
10 Boiler Fittings
11 Gas Burner Tank
12 Lubricator and Handrails
13 Side Tanks
14 Foot and Top Covers
15 Building Notes

Bob models in a scale that is 16mm to the foot.  Based on what I’ve read that comes out to 1:19.05 scale, very close to 1:20.3 scale which is the dominate large scale narrow gauge implementation.  These drawings and their dimensions relate to fabricating a live steam engine to 16mm scale.  They could be used with very few modifications in creating a 1:20.3 model to run on common garden railroad track in the US.

Principal dimensions of the prototype were as follows:

Cylinders (two) : 7in diam x 8in stroke
Wheels : 1ft 10in diameter
Wheelbase : 3ft 0in
Boiler : 2ft 5in inside diameter
Boiler tubes : 64 x 1½in inside diameter
2ft 103/8in long
Boiler pressure : 180 lbs per sq in
Heating surface : 13.75 sq ft (firebox)
72.61 sq ft (tubes)
Fire grate area : 3.24 sq ft
Capacities : 3½ cwts coal
80 galls water
Axle loading : 3.6 tons leading axle
3.8 tons trailing axle
Total weight : 7 tons 8 cwts
Tractive effort : 2,900 lbs
Max. loading : 75 tons (level track)
18 tons (1 in 40 grade)

Track gauge was 1 foot 10 inches (22″).  That puts it 8″ short of the 30″ gauge of On30.  While the difference is significant, it is roughly the same as the difference between On30 and On3.  A fairly representative looking locomotive could be constructed to run on ON30 track, which greatly expands the drive line options.

Conversion to On30 would require some rescaling of the drawings.




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