New York and Manhattan Beach Railroad 2-4-6T

Graves End – Source – “The Fairlie Locomotive” -Abbott p83
Name Graves End Number
Works No 651 Type 2-4-6T
Date 1881 Drivers 4’0″
Cylinders 14×18 Weight
Gauge 3’0″ – Regauged to 4’8 1/2″ by LIRR
Later RR Long Island Railroad

Known Facts:  Information from The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railways – Edited by Robert Tufnell (revised and updated by John Westwood) (c) 2000 on pg 384

2-4-6 New York and Manhattan Beach Railroad Graves End (Fairie Type)/1881/USA

The three of the 2-4-6 type delivered to the New York and Manhattan Beach were fitted with cylinders measuring 14in.x18in. (356mmx457mm) and with 48in. (1219mm) diameter driving wheels. The steam pressure was probably 160psi(1104kPa), which, on their total weight of 42,997lb(19.5 tons), would have been a tractive force of 10,000lb (4,536kg). Like many of the Mason Fairlies, these were for operation on a 3ft (914mm) gauge line. They were later sold to the Long Island Railroad.

According to Abbott, the NY & Manhattan Beach RR operated 17 Mason-Fairlies.


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