Denver, South Park & Pacific – Denver – 2-8-6T

Class 4…2-8-6T – South Park owned 4 of these monsters, #25 ‘Alpine’, #26 ‘Rico’, #27 ‘Roaring Fork’ and #28 ‘Denver’.  36″ drivers, 55,340 lbs on drivers, 15×20 cylinders, classed ‘EJ-1′ by UP owners.


DSS&P No 25, the Alpine, after a wreck in the late 1880s.Click picture for a larger image.


DSP&P No 28, the Denver, built in 1880.Source – “The Fairlie Locomotive” – Abbott p84Click picture for a larger image.

Name Denver Number 28
Works No 632 Type 2-8-6T
Date 1880 Drivers 3’0″
Cylinders 15×20 Weight 53,340
Gauge 3’0″
Later RR Chicago, Burlington & Quincy

The ultimate development of the Mason Fairlie was the Denver with its 2-8-6T wheel arrangement built for a 3 foot gauge track.

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