PC&N Mini Layout Track Plan 1

This is the first draft of the track plan for the PC&N Mini Layout.  The left half of the plan is the above image and the right half, the image just below.



The numbers along the bottom edge are the distance from the left end in feet.  This plan allows consists as long as five feet, the length of the fiddle yard.  The letters to the left and right side of the track  identify the segment as the Main Line (ML1), the Passing Siding (PS1), yard tracks (YT1, YT2, & YT3), the Engine service Facility (ES1), and industry sidings (I1, I2, & I3)

As opposed to the Armstrong plan published earlier used as a basis, this plan has less industry sidings but has an engine service siding.  Like the Armstrong layout, it has three yard tracks.  The lower number of industry sidings is probably appropriate given the length of the consists.  This is a smaller operation.  There is potential for an additional industry siding at the top between 7 and 10.

There is no turntable, forcing engines to back their consists onto the Fiddle Yard at ML1, 5 when exiting the layout.  However this is probably good as the engine goes onto the fiddle yard on the same side of the consist and pinting in the same direction as when it was unloaded.

Resources needed include:

  • 4 left-hand turnouts (4 on order)
  • 5 right hand turnouts (4 on order)
  • 60′ of Micro Engineering Code 83 ON30 flex track (72′ on order)
  • 9 Caboose Hobbies HO 220S manual turnout controls (10 on order)
  • The electrical plan (to be developed) and the electrical components.

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