1:PC&N – Richardsons Bay Trestle

Prototype Research

Out of Sausalito, the NPC needed to run across the water of Richardson’s Bay.  Here is a map that depicts the trestle that crossed Richardsons Bay from just north of Sausalito to Strawberry Point.  The trestle was 4,000 feet long making it one of the more spectacular structures on the North Pacific Coast.  I’m hunting for a photo of the trestle work.

Rich Bay Trestle

Bench Work

This will a rural scene located on a peninsula of the railroad.  It will model the track work, in this section of the layout.  Here is the model railroad track plan for the area.  The trestle work will support the track for the loop on the entire island, roughly 100″ of trestle work in HO scale.  Because a straight trestle on the prototype is being modeled on a curve, I will probably put a riser inside the loop on the island and cover it with curved masonite.  I may decide to extend the top level shelf to cover this area.  The trestle work will need to rise 3 1/2 inches to clear the lower track at the crossover.  PCN Layout 7_Richardsons Bay Summit

The table holding the trestle work will be 2″ lower than the benchwork running along the back of the layout.   The benchwork to the left all the way to the docks will be on 3/4″ styrene.  To the right will be 2″ styrene possibly with an additional 3/4″ section.  That means 2″ of the 3 1/2″ rise would be permanent.  The other 1 1/2″ would be taken off the height with a down grade into Point Reyes.

Trestle Modeling

Black Bear Construction Company manufactures a jig for HOn3 trestle bent modeling based on D&RGW practice for a bit under $30.  This is an acrylic jig with an adjustable bent cut screen made of transparent plastic.  Width of the jig is 4.3″ and the height 5.9″.  Tall trestles can be made by extending the bents out the bottom of the jig.  Because the track will be rising as it rounds the bend, my trestle bent heights will vary based on location.

HOn3 Trestle jig

Black Bear also sells materials packs for constructing trestles (and a variety of other bridges).  Here is a typical parts kit.

Trestle Kit

The parts kit for the HOn3 jig has the following components.

Trestle Kit Contents

It can be used to build a section of trestle with the following dimensions.

Trestle Dimen sions

This is an image of a trestle section built from the kit.

Trestle Line Drawing

My bents will start out roughly 2″ high and end up roughly 5 1/2″ high.  My trestle will be roughly 100″ long, so six kits would cover the distance.  But because my bents are shorter, I hope to stretch the kits out to a greater distance.  So I ordered three kits and extra girts and stringers.  I may need 1-2 more kits later.  All in all, including the jig, my cost for all this trestle work will be $110-$150.  Of course the investment in the jig can be leveraged making additional trestles – which the NPC had plenty of.

I will document construction of this trestle work once I reach this section of the railroad.

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