1:PC&N – Freestone and Quarry

Freestone was so called because stones from the quarry were free for area citizens.  This will be modeled as a very small town with a quarry.

PCN Layout 7_Freestone



Ore Loading

Note that the Magnesite mill in Mining and the conveyors and towers are likely to be kit bashed from two Walters Cornerstone Glacier Gravel Company kits.  Here is an image of the unabashed structure built from one of this kits.

Glacier Gravel Kit

Note that each kit contains two conveyors, a pair of hoppers for loading ore cars, and a structure similar at least in design to the Sonoma Magnesite Plant.  Two kits should contain sufficient components to complete mining and quarry related structures in Mining 2 and the Somoma Magnesite Mill and Granite Processing Facility in the Mining 1 Scene.

Granite Plant

The granite plant buildings are likely to be bashed from two RDA kits.  the first is the Matthews Engine Plant.  The kit contains the stone building on the left and the brick building in the center.


The second kit is the Easton Mill.  Note that the front of the large building is made from the same set of castings as the middle building in the Matthews image.  It is my intention to bash these two buildings into a single long plant using the end castings from the Easton structure.  The power house on the top of the Easton structure will be placed separately and will use windows from the end panels of the Matthews plant.  The small stone structure on the right side of the Easton image will be bashed into the plant office.


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