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Welcome to OldTomsToys.com.  This web site is devoted to model railroads and prototype research.  It is divided into sections highlighted in the menu.

  • Pacific Coast and Northern RR – This is a HOn3 layout that is currently under construction.  It roughly models the North Pacific Coast RR, a narrow gauge shoreline that once ran ferries from across the Golden Gate from San Francisco to Sausalito then by rail to Cazadero, CA.  The reason it is vein modeled as a freelance railroad is that I plan to deviate from the script a bit, primarily in the area of steam engines.  This pike is set in the year 1900 plus or minus a bit.  Operation is track powered DCC.  A portion of the layout will be a HOn30 (2 1/2 foot) mining spur serving the Sonoma Magnesite Company.
  • PC&N Mini layout – this is a test track set on a shelf in my modeling area.  It is around 8” long.  I’ll be running HOn3 track, HOn30 track  and G scale track to test operation of locomotives being modified.  It will be designed to switch between analog DC and DCC in the two smaller scales.  A section of the test track will be a programming track in each of the two smaller gauges.
  • Strawberry Fields Garden Railroad – This is a G scale garden railroad set in the area just below my deck in the back yard.  Scale is 1:20.3 for the most part.  Era is around 1900 plus or minus.  The intent is to let trains run so the track work is not overly complicated.  I’ll be running a Shay, a Climax, a 4-4-0, a 2-8-0 and possibly a few other engines.  It is called Strawberry fields as about 1/2 of the area in the railroad is strawberry patch.  Track is currently hiding under mulch but the layout will come alive in the spring of 2017.  Operation is DCC radio controlled battery powered using Airwire components.
  • Prototype Research – This section contains the largest Mason Bogie archive on the web as well as research on a number of other engines.  Some of the engines researched are my ‘Holy Grail’ engines.

Enjoy this site.  It has no business purpose other tun to share.


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